What is no-fly time and how is it calculated by the Suunto Fused™ RGBM 2 algorithm?

No-fly time is the minimum surface time after a dive which is recommended to wait before flying with an airplane. During this time, flying or traveling to a higher altitude should be avoided to minimise the risk of decompression sickness (DCS).

Suunto dive computers display surface time since the previous dive and a countdown time for recommended no-fly time. On Suunto D5 the no-fly time indicator will be visible on all views and is easy to identify by a plane icon with a countdown timer underneath. The surface time is indicated by a clock icon and a timer.

Once the no-fly time has ended, you can enter and fly with a normal airplane which is pressurized up to 3000 m.

Note: No-fly time is always at least 12 hours long and equals the necessary desaturation time based on your previous dive(s) if the no-fly time is longer than 12 hours. For desaturation times shorter than 75 minutes, no no-fly time will be displayed.

Suunto D5 surface and no-fly time:

Suunto D5 no-fly time and surface time in time view    Suunto D5 no-fly time and surface time in dive mode

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