How do I create and edit sport modes for my Ambit (1,2,3) and Traverse?

You can create new and edit older sport modes for Ambit (1,2,3) and Traverse watches via SuuntoLink

Getting started:
  • Install SuuntoLink (if you haven't already) and make sure you have the latest SuuntoLink version available. 
  • SuuntoLink searches for updates automatically when you open it. 
  • Go through the initial installation process if you haven't already. Click here to read more. 
Creating a new sport mode: 
  • Connect your watch to your computer via the supplied USB cable
  • SuuntoLink will recognize your watch and the option to edit Sport modes will appear.
  • Click it and, whether you want to create a new sport mode or edit an existing one, SuuntoLink will offer both options. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 9.16.56.png

  • Start by clicking on "Create new sport mode" and go through the customizer: add or remove screens, edit the information displayed and name or rename fields. 
  • Additionally, you can add Suuntoapps to your sport modes to improve your experience through community-developed features. 
  • Add any Suuntoapp to a field when you are selecting the information for your screens. 
Adding Suuntoapps to your sport mode: 
  • You can add Suuntoapps to your sport modes. You can search our database and find the best ones for your activity. 
  • You can filter them by category, activity or you can search them by name. 
  • Click on the one you want to use and add it to your sport mode. 

Note: Multisport mode is not available for Ambit, Ambit2 R, and Ambit3 Run watches. 
: Suuntoapps, currently active on a sport mode, even if they are private, will be available until removed - but it won't be possible to add them back if you remove them. Editing and adjusting Suuntoapps will no longer be possible.