Why does my Move show different values in Strava than in Movescount?

Why does my Move show different values in Strava than in Movescount?

When looking at your Moves in Strava, you may notice that distance, ascent/decent and other values are different compared to Movescount.


Strava measures distance via GPS, whereas your uses both GPS and the built-in accelerometer to measure distance. This may result in the distance displayed in Strava being shorter than in Movescount.


Strava excludes time for pauses and sections without movement from the total duration of an activity. Movescount includes pauses or times without movement in the total duration of a Move. Therefore, duration in Strava may be shorter than in Movescount.


If your Suunto watch includes a pressure sensor, it can be used together with GPS to calculate altitude (elevation). Online services such as Strava may only rely on GPS and/or use elevation information from map services. Therefore, the values may differ from Movescount.

Other aspects to take into account

Different GPS algorithms used to process raw data may also influence how values are calculated.
The automatic integration of Movescount to Strava uses .fit file format and some additional optimization. The manual export/import process uses .tcx format and no optimization.

Please note that old Moves are not transferred to Strava. Only new Moves after the reconnection are transferred.



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