How do I recover my watch if the firmware update fails?

How do I recover my watch if the firmware update fails?

If the firmware update fails, you will see the following:

  • SuuntoLink shows the information “Watch update interrupted. Please re-connect your watch.”
  • Your watch shows the software download icon even after being disconnected from your computer.

In this case the following steps may resolve the issue:

1. Re-connect your watch to SuuntoLink using the Suunto USB cable.
2. SuuntoLink suggests to reset the watch.

Note: The reset will delete all data from your watch including Moves which have not been synced.

3. Confirm the reset by pressing Reset watch.
4. SuuntoLink re-installs the previous software version that was installed on the watch.
5. After completing the re-installation, SuuntoLink suggests to update to the latest firmware version.
6. Confirm by pressing Update watch.

If the watch does not recover after re-connecting to SuuntoLink, try the following:

1. Disconnect your watch from the Suunto USB cable.
2. Close the SuuntoLink program.
3. Restart SuuntoLink and connect your watch again.

If the watch still does not recovered, reboot your watch by pressing the upper right button for 12 seconds. Then re-connect your watch to SuuntoLink.