Suunto app Spartan

Suunto app and Suunto Spartan

Suunto app is the service we are focusing our energy on and where you will experience new value and features. Suunto app already has some great training and social features, and we will be adding more in the spring, summer and beyond. We’ve prioritized our development efforts based on feedback from our community through the initial beta phase of Suunto app. The Suunto app beta will continue after the initial public launch.

Here are some key need-to-knows:

There are two ways to use Suunto app:

  • Join/continue participating in the beta community, where you will be among the first to experience the latest updates and features: find out more here

OR (*Note that you can only have either the beta version or the live, public version at one time on your mobile device)

  • Download the live, public version of Suunto app for iOS or Android
    Download on the App Store Google Play
  • If you are new to Suunto: Register with email or Facebook
  • If you are an existing Movescount user: Register with email (doesn’t have to be the same as for Suunto Movescount.
  • If you are previously or currently a Sports Tracker user:
    • to sync existing workout history from Sports Tracker app, use the same email used with Sports Tracker or login with Facebook (if that is how you registered originally)
    • If you want to start fresh, create a new account with a different email.

What you need to take Suunto app into use:

  • Suunto Spartan software must be 1.2.36 or later.
  • Compatible mobile device (read more)

Using Suunto app and Suunto Movescount together

  • To have the best user experience with the Suunto app and Suunto Movescount app, proceed with the following steps:
    • un-pair your Spartan from the Suunto Movescount app (Choose to ‘forget’ your Spartan)
    • remove your Spartan from ‘My devices’ in iPhone bluetooth settings
    • uninstall the Suunto Movescount app from your iPhone.
  • To use Suunto app in parallel with Suunto Movescount, sync your Spartan with SuuntoLink
    • Use SuuntoLink to transfer your moves and activity data to your Suunto Movescount account as the Suunto app is currently not transferring your data to your existing Suunto Movescount account.

For more FAQ related using Suunto app and Suunto Movescount together, read here