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Find the right road surface for your adventure with Suunto app

SuuntoRide — 17 июня 2022

The new road surface map layer in Suunto app will help you find and plan the right route for your activity.

Are you exploring new regions this summer or just want to find new adventures close to home but are unsure if a trail or path is suitable for your ride or run? To help you in planning, Suunto app’s map has been upgraded with a road surface map layer.

To view the road surface info, go to the map view on your Suunto app, tap the road surface button and select between paved, smooth unpaved and rough unpaved surfaces – or all at once. You can change the selection while you plan your route.

The new road surface map layer in Suunto app will help you find and plan the right route for your activity.

The streets, paths and trails are colour-coded based on the surface, allowing for a quick distinction between the three types of roads:

  • Paved roads, light blue, include roads with asphalt and concrete, they are especially good for road cycling and roller skiing. 
  • Smooth unpaved roads, yellow, will show roads with gravel and dirt that are suitable for gravel cycling. 
  • Rough unpaved roads, red, can include surfaces such as soil, grass, mud, or rock. These roads are good for trail running and mountain biking. 

The road surface data comes from OpenStreetMap, which is an open source website. The information is based on community contribution and varies from one region to another. 

Once you are back from your adventure you too can assist in improving the map data by creating an account and then editing and adding information on the OpenStreetMap

You can learn more about OpenStreerMap’s surface types here.


Lead image: @thecyclingculture / The Traka



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