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Movescount updates

Release 74

Updated default view in to be the member's latest move

Release 70 fix 2

We are committed to providing our community in Movescount the best possible experience, and ensuring that you know how to protect your personal data. We have updated the Personal Settings in Movescount service to be 'private' by default for new users. If you are private, it means that your personal and training data is not searchable, nor can it be shared by you, even accidentally.

You can change from private to public and back to private at any time, and your data will be searchable or not according to your privacy setting.

In addition, we have removed the personal user feed (list of your own Moves) from your public profile page, limiting the visibility to your activity data and history, even when you have selected to be Public. As a public member your latest Moves are shown in your follower's activity feed and will still be able to comment and like your Moves. If you have selected your profile to be public, your profile will show your latest photos, 30 day stats, greatest Moves and fans.

We continue to work to provide all our community with the most enriching, but also clear and secure experience with our digital services.