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Training World

Connect with coaches

Suunto offers an online service for athletes, personal trainers, coaches and teams to find each other, communicate, and use a complete set of tools for planning, analyzing and following progress. Take advantage of professional guidance to reach your goals.

Find the perfect coach for you

Suunto Movescount offers you an easy way to find a coach or a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals. Search for the perfect coach, connect online and get started.

Once you have accepted a coaching request, your coach has full access to your training data. Your coach can track your training load, rest and recovery and follow your progress, give you feedback on specific training sessions and plan your workout for the upcoming weeks. A new message service in Suunto Movescount allows direct messaging between you and your coach.

Track your training with a compatible Suunto watch or Suunto Movescount App. If you have trained without recording it, just add the details manually to Movescount to keep your stats up to date.

Search for a coach on Suunto Movescount.

Register as a coach

Suunto’s online service is an easy way to offer your professional services to a world-wide audience of athletes and individuals looking for training guidance. You can use a wealth of training data to gain deep insight into each client's needs. Offer your services to the global Suunto Movescount audience or keep your services local.

Registering as a coach is simple, and you can make your profile public for any future client to contact you or keep it private. Either way, you decide who can be your client. On Movescount you gain full access to your clients' training data: you can message with them directly, give feedback on specific training sessions, make your own notes about the client as well as plan their training.

Register as a coach on Suunto Movescount.

Connect with your team

As a team coach, gain complete understanding of your athletes’ fitness. Follow how they train by themselves and with the team in one, simple view. You can give individual feedback on any training session and provide them with guidance and suggestions for future workouts directly in Suunto Movescount.

In team sports, athletes can utilize the Suunto Smart Sensor with built-in memory that stores heart rate during the game. After the game, heart rate data can be transferred over Bluetooth to a compatible Suunto watch or to a mobile device using Suunto Movecount App.

What do the coaches think?

The service has been developed in co-operation with various personal trainers and education providers from different countries, including the Finland-based Trainer4You. The co-operation partners were giving insights on what coaches need and what kind of challenges they face.

With this feedback Suunto was able to create the new service providing a versatile toolset for the world of personal training and coaching.

Start today

Even if you don't own a Suunto watch yet, you can easily start tracking your training with the Suunto Movescount App available for free from Apple App Store and Google Play. Use the app together with Suunto Smart Sensor for heart rate monitoring, giving you even more in-depth feedback about your physical fitness.

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