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How do I improve the GPS connection and recording data?

GPS: speed, distance & location


Suunto 7 uses GPS (location information) during exercise to draw your track on the map and – together with accelerometer data – for measurements like speed and distance.

Note: Suunto 7 can also use Glonass and BeiDou for location information.

How to improve GPS accuracy

To provide the best accuracy for your exercise stats, Suunto 7 uses, by default, 1 second GPS fix rate to update GPS location information. However, there are several other factors that also affect the signal strength and GPS accuracy.

See Change the location accuracy to change the GPS accuracy.

If you notice challenges with GPS accuracy, try these tips:

1. Wait for GPS signal before starting an exercise


Before starting your exercise recording, go outside and wait for the watch to find the GPS signal. When the watch is searching for a GPS signal, the arrow icon in the start view is gray. Once the GPS signal is found, the arrow icon will turn white.

When you are open water swimming or exercising in difficult terrain, we recommend you wait a couple of additional minutes after the signal is found to allow the watch to download all needed GPS data to get a more accurate track.

2. Move to an open area

The GPS signal strength can be affected by your surroundings and terrain such as:

  • trees
  • water
  • buildings
  • bridges
  • metal constructions
  • mountains
  • gullies or ravines
  • thick, humid clouds

    If possible, try to move to a more open area outside when starting your exercise and wait a couple of additional minutes after the GPS signal is found to allow the watch to download all needed GPS data to get more accurate exercise stats.

3. Keep your watch connected to Wifi


Connect your watch to Wifi to optimize your GPS with the latest satellite orbit data. Your watch can acquire a GPS signal faster when GPS data is up to date.

NoteIf you can’t connect to Wifi, you get GPS updates once a week via Bluetooth.

4. Use the latest software for your watch


We continuously improve the software of our watches and fix possible bugs. Ensure you have the latest software installed on your watch.

Learn how to update your watch

Altitude, ascent & descent

Suunto Wear app uses FusedAlti™– a combination of GPS and barometric altitude – to provide an altitude reading and derived ascent and descent values during exercise.



Suunto 7 has a built-in pressure sensor that measures absolute air pressure. Suunto Wear app uses both GPS and air pressure data (FusedAlti™) to provide a more accurate altitude reading.


CAUTIONKeep the area around the air pressure sensor holes on the left side of your watch free of dirt and sand. Never insert any objects into the holes as this may damage the sensor.