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A solution that brings new features to your Suunto watch and enhances your experience. Learn more about the latest features and make your voice heard!


Select. Start. Sweat

We have just launched SuuntoPlus™ on Suunto 9 and Suunto 5 watches – a section within the watch that holds all the new and exciting features together in one place on your wrist. SuuntoPlus™ is where we’ll be introducing more and more features to help you improve your performance, keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

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Strava Relative Effort right from your wrist

Get specific about how much work goes into your activities with real-time Relative Effort. Whether your activity is slow and steady or short and strenuous, Relative Effort gives you a personalized measurement based on your heart rate zones, so you can adapt your effort on the go. Once you're done, sync your activity to Strava and get more of your workout with Strava Summit: deep dive into performance data, see how much progress you’ve made overall and where you are in your training cycle – whether you’re peaking, maintaining or recovering.


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SuuntoPlus™ needs you!

Share your ideas of the features you would like to have under SuuntoPlus™. A ghost runner to speed up your runs, climb facts for hiking in mountains, breathing exercise for yoga or performance test for cycling? Make your voice heard and stay tuned for more!


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Where to find and what to do?

SuuntoPlus™ can be found from exercise options. As you start your exercise and select the sport mode such as running. When selecting options, you can find SuuntoPlus™. Take the desired feature into use from the SuuntoPlus™. During the exercise you can use the selected SuuntoPlus™ feature and after the session see the immediate result.

Ensure you have the latest software in your watch to get all the latest benefits to your product.

Check the latest updates from software updates page

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SuuntoPlus™ is available for selected Suunto watches. New SuuntoPlus™ features will can be added, can be updated and can be even removed. You can check if your Suunto watch is SuuntoPlus™ compatible from Suunto watch specifications.