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Suunto Kailash User Guide - 2.0


7R logbook

Press the 7R button to see your latest adventure stats. Summary statistics include:

  • Cities visited: 1,000 steps in the same city is required to consider the city visited
  • Countries visited: 1,000 steps is required to consider the country visited
  • Total time in current city
  • Travel days for the year*: only full days spent over 75 km (47 miles) away from your home location are counted
  • Total distance traveled*: total distance traveled, excluding trips withing 75 km (47 miles) of your home location
  • Furthest distance from home*
  • Average daily steps: 30-day average calculated using days with over 1000 steps

* Requires home location to be defined. See Home location.

Browse through the statistics using the 7R or lower button.


In addition to the total number of countries and cities visited, you can view the names of where you have been.

  1. While in the cities visited or countries visited views, keep the 7R button pressed to enter the list of names.
  2. Scroll the list by pressing the 7R button and lower button.
  3. To exit the list, press the middle button.

Suunto Kailash makes use of the GeoNames geographical database under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The database in Suunto Kailash contains over 6,000 populated places around the world. The selection criteria varies between countries and takes into consideration the geographical size and population of each country.

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