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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR User Guide - 2.5

Touch screen and buttons

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR has a touch screen and three buttons you can use to navigate through displays and features.

Swipe and tap

  • swipe up or down to move in displays and menus
  • swipe right and left to backwards and forwards in displays
  • swipe left or right to see additional displays and details
  • tap to select an item
  • tap the display to view alternate information
  • tap and hold to open in-context options menu
  • double-tap to return to time display from other displays

Upper button

  • press to move up in views and menus

Middle button

  • press to select an item
  • press to press to change displays
  • keep pressed to got back in settings menu
  • keep pressed to open in-context options menu

Lower button

  • press to move down in views and menus

While recording an exercise:

Upper button

  • press to pause or resume recording
  • keep pressed to change activity

Middle button

  • press to change displays
  • keep pressed to open in-context options menu

Lower button

  • press to mark a lap
  • keep pressed to lock and unlock buttons