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Suunto Vyper Novo User Guide


Activation and pre-checks

Unless the dive mode turned off, the dive mode activates automatically when you dive deeper than 1.2 m (4 ft). However, you should switch to dive mode before diving to check altitude and personal settings, battery condition and so on.

Each time your Suunto Vyper Novo enters dive mode, a series of automatic checks are performed. All graphical display elements are turned ON, and the backlight and the beep are activated. After this, your altitude and personal settings are displayed along with the maximum operating depth (MOD), gas content, and PO2 values. Then the battery level is checked.

activation prechecks ZoopVyperNovo

Between consecutive dives, the automatic checks also show current tissue saturation.

activation prechecks tissue ZoopVyperNovo

Before leaving on a dive trip, it is highly recommended that you switch to dive mode to make sure everything is functioning properly.

After the automatic checks, Suunto Vyper Novo enters surface mode. At this point, you should perform your manual checks before entering the water.

Ensure that:

  1. Suunto Vyper Novo is in the correct mode and provides complete displays.
  2. Altitude setting is correct.
  3. Personal setting is correct.
  4. Deepstops are set correctly.
  5. Unit system is correct.
  6. Correct temperature and depth are shown.
  7. The alarm beeps.

Wireless Transmitter pre-check

If the optional wireless tank pressure transmitter is used, check that:

  1. Tank gas and O2 settings are correct.
  2. The transmitter is properly installed and the tank valve is open.
  3. The transmitter and Suunto Vyper Novo are paired.
  4. The transmitter is sending data (wireless transmission icon blinks, tank pressure is displayed).
  5. There is no transmitter low battery warning.
  6. There is enough gas for your planned dive. Check the pressure reading against your back-up pressure gauge.

Battery indicators

Temperature or internal oxidation can affect the battery voltage. If you store your Suunto Vyper Novo for a long period or use it in cold temperatures, the low battery warning may appear even though the battery has enough capacity.

In these cases, re-enter dive mode and check the battery power. If the battery is low, the Low Battery warning comes on.

battery indicators ZoopVyperNovobattery indicators Dseries

If the low battery icon appears in surface mode, or if the display looks faded, the battery may be too low. Battery replacement is recommended.


For safety reasons, the backlight and buzzer (sound) cannot be activated when the low battery warning is displayed.

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