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How to create a dive plan in Suunto DM5?

Creating a dive plan with Suunto DM5, may help you understand how a specific personal setting will influence your dive profile. 

Note for Suunto D5: To create a dive plan for your Suunto D5, you need to have DM5 version 1.3. or later installed on your computer to ensure that DM5 connects to your Suunto D5. DM5 will automatically notify you about available updates. If you don’t have DM5 yet, follow the link to download it.


To plan your dive:

  1. Connect your dive computer to your PC or Mac with the supplied cable.
  2. Open DM5 and wait until your device is in sync.

    Suunto DM5 - plan your dive - step 1

  3. Create a new plan.

    Suunto DM5 - plan your dive - step 2

  4. As a first step, define your plan settings.

    Suunto DM5 - plan your dive - step 3

  5. Choose your preferred personal setting and adjust additional parameters that you wish to set, e.g. your bottom consumption rate, and press Done.

    Suunto DM5 - plan your dive - step 4

  6. Set your dive depth, time and additional parameters to generate a dive profile.
    To see how your dive profile may change with a different personal setting, open plan settings and switch the personal setting.

    Suunto DM5 - plan your dive - step 5

  7. Choose the dive mode and optionally define dive alarms.

    Suunto DM5 - plan your dive - step 6

  8. As a last step, press Transfer to sync your dive plan with your dive computer. Make sure to not disconnect your dive computer while your plan is transferred.

    Suunto DM5 - plan your dive - step 7