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Make sure to continuously follow your dive computer during the dive. To increase your dive safety, dive computers have different audible and visual alarms to let you know when important limits or presets are approached. In addition, safety stops are considered good diving practice. In the unlikely event that the dive computer malfunctions during a dive, follow the emergency procedures provided by your certified dive training agency to immediately and safely ascend.


Alarms, such as ascent speed exceeding safe speed or partial pressure of oxygen exceeding safe level, are critical events that always require immediate action. In addition, your dive computer alerts you to events that can impact your health and safety if you do not take action, such as dive depth exceeding your defined depth alarm limit, dive time exceeding your defined dive time alarm limit or safety stop broken.

To maximize your safety under water, it is highly recommended to always have the depth and dive time alarms defined and activated on your computer during the dive, so you can follow your dive plan. Notifications, such as low battery, indicate events that require preventive actions.

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Safety stops are widely considered good diving practice. The reasons for performing a safety stop include reducing sub-clinical decompression sickness, microbubble reduction, ascent control, and orientation before surfacing. ​

A three-minute safety stop is always recommended for every dive over 10 meters (19.7 ft). The safety stop time is shown on your dive computer in minutes and seconds. Deepstops activate when you dive deeper than 20 m (65.6 ft). 

Dive safety

Here you will find general guidelines for diving safely with Suunto dive computers.

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