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Which partners offer SuuntoPlus™ guides?

We have partnered up with leading brands to bring improved training experiences to your Suunto device. You can find several options under the following categories depending on your interest.

SuuntoPlus™ Planning and Real-time guidance guides
SuuntoPlus™ Coaching guides
SuuntoPlus™ AI-based guides
SuuntoPlus™ Racing guides

Learn more about our partners and how to get started with their training services. Make sure you read the following article that will show you how to get started with SuuntoPlus™ guides and how to train with a guide.  

  • SuuntoPlus™ Planning and Real-time guidance guides:
  1. TrainingPeaks:
    Follow your workouts planned by your coach or design your own intervals. The Suunto watch purchase comes with free Suunto training programs which you can sync to your watch via SuuntoPlus™ guides. 

    Learn how to get started here

  2. analyzes your rides, runs, swims and other activities. It provides basic and advanced analytics and planning in an easy-to-use interface. Follow your friends and help them progress, track your FTP without doing tests, coach other athletes, build a workout library and plan your training! Plans are automatically synced to your Suunto watch via the SuuntoPlus™ guides.

  3. i-Run Club: 
    Join the French i-Run Club to learn the most beautiful routes. Find all the races and most inspiring trails. Browse the favorite routes of passionate runners and select those that match your style. Train with the community and get easily your training directly on Suunto watches via SuuntoPlus™ guides.
  • SuuntoPlus™ Coaching guides: 
  1. TrainingPeaks

  2. Nolio:
    Planning, training monitoring and performance analysis for Triathlon, cycling, running. Nolio simplifies the daily life of coaches and athletes. The automatic sync of your training plans to Suunto watches now with SuuntoPlus™ guides. Get your Suunto training program from Nolio.

    Learn how to get started with structured workouts: 

    1) Connect Nolio and Suunto in the settings of the Nolio app. 
    2) All of your workouts from the planned calendar will be automatically sent to the Suunto app and your watch. Make sure that workouts on Nolio are "structured", meaning there is a graph on the bottom of the session.​
    3) Each time a new workout is added to your planned calendar, it will be automatically sent to the Suunto app.​

  3. Ultra Trail Coaching: 
    UltraTrailCoaching Suunto guides allow you to discover how you need to perform each workout practically. We enrich every workout structure with the passion and mission of the Ultra Trail Coaching platform on why you are doing this workout. Using the Suunto guide on your watch will encourage you to do certain activities in nature, for instance, that the endurance run will need to be compliant to a minimum trail score.

  4. RunMotion Coach: 
    All you have to do is run! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner, our mission is to help you grow through running, with adapted training and a motivating coach! RunMotion Coach gives you the adaptive training plan that automatically syncs to your Suunto with SuuntoPlus™ guides. 

    Learn how to get started: 

    1) On RunMotion Coach, under My Profile select Export my training plan.
    2) Connect your Suunto account to RunMotion Coach.
    3) Every week, your workouts are exported after being validated « Refine your week ».
    4) You can then select your workout planned directly on your Suunto.

  • SuuntoPlus™ AI-based guides:
  1. Humango™:
    Humango™ is a unique platform designed to improve athletic motivation and performance. Using the latest in artificial intelligence, Humango™ analyzes your data holistically to optimize your long-term potential. AI engine translates each new data point from across your performance, scheduling, preferences, and feedback into actionable insights and real-time adjustments to your prescribed workouts that are synched to Suunto via the SuuntoPlus™ guides.

    Learn how to get started here

  2. AIEndurance:
    AI optimized training. A scientific, data-driven training plan that improves your performance – AI Endurance has the data to back it up. Artificial intelligence is your edge. You can now sync plans and ramp tests to define your threshold levels via heart rate variability to your watch with SuuntoPlus™ guides.

    Learn how to get started here

  3. Reddiyo:
    Reddiyo gets you there. Build your custom dynamic cycling plan today. Get structured workouts tailored to your goals with automated data analysis and training adjustments. Get the plan to your Suunto via the SuuntoPlus™ guides.
  • SuuntoPlus™ Racing guides: 
  1. GoJoe:
    Exercise on your own but not alone. GoJoe is there to motivate you to exercise. A fitness app powered by the team, influencers and NFTs. Now you can get the motivation to run and ride in by following the social leaderboard status when synced with the SuuntoPlus™ guides.