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Firmware updates for Suunto Spartan bring new amazing features, performance enhancements and bug fixes to enrich and improve the experience with your watch.

Update your Suunto Spartan software regularly for the best experience.

Update your Suunto Spartan in two easy steps


Scarica il software utilizzando i link qui sopra. Installa il software sul computer facendo doppio clic sul file di download.


Download per Mac

(OSX 10.13 o versioni successive)

Download per Windows

(Windows 8.1 o versioni successive)


Collega l'orologio Suunto al computer tramite il cavo USB fornito in dotazione.

SuuntoLink si apre automaticamente quando viene rilevato l'orologio. Segui le istruzioni visualizzate per aggiornare o sincronizzare l'orologio.

3. Vuoi essere il primo ad ottenere il prossimo aggiornamento?

Scarica l'app Suunto per il tuo telefono e ricevi le notifiche quando un nuovo aggiornamento software è disponibile. Maggiori informazioni sull'app Suunto

Release notes


Questo aggiornamento corregge il bug responsabile della visualizzazione della data sbagliata sul tuo orologio.


Questa versione include miglioramenti delle prestazioni per Suunto Spartan Sport WHR e Suunto Spartan Sport WHR Baro.


Staged release starting June 18, 2019 

This update brings new features, added performance enhancements as well as some fixes (we’ve highlighted a few below) 

New Features: 

  • New sport modes: Mountain biking Enduro, Mountian biking Downhill with vertical laps that calculate your downhills automatically and also Triathlon Race with Power. 
  • In watch guidance tips to help get the best performance from your watch 
  • Pool swimming now has new pace clock screen face 
  • Time of Day is now shown on sport mode screens (Suunto Spartan Trainer)

Enhancements and Fixes: 

  • Disable breadcrumb screen from sport mode options 
  • Improvements to auto laps functionality  
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements 

Version 2.6.54

Staged release starting April 24, 2019

This update brings a new feature, added performance enhancements as well as some fixes (we’ve highlighted a few below)

New Feature:

  • Direction indicator when navigating a route

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • You can now also follow pace and power zones without setting a target
  • Improvements to FusedAlti (Spartan Ultra, Spartan WHR Baro)
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.5.18

Staged release starting November 19, 2018

New Features:

  • New notification at the end of the week showing you a quick summary of your training.
  • When you set a general target for an activity, you can now follow your progress in real time during the activity via progress bar on your first
  • You are now able to add HR zones and graph views in custom sport modes.
  • You can now easily reject or answer calls from your Spartan.
  • Sleep data insights for each of the past 7 days are now available in the watch.
  • New watchface showcasing weekly training vs your goal and battery level remaining.
  • Hebrew can now be selected as a language in your Spartan.

Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Now you can customize your laps and turn on and off sensors just before you start your activity directly from your watch. No need to worry if you did not set them up in advance.
  • New Do Not Disturb functionality
  • Improved barometric altitude filtering
  • New options for configurable tones (for alarms) in your settings.
  • Outdoor settings menu updated to make it easier set your reference altitude.
  • You can now pair Suunto app while in ‘do not disturb’ mode

Version 2.0

Released May 22nd, 2018


  • Intensity zones for pace and power
  • The possibility to set duration, distance and intensity targets
  • New, more efficient navigation

Version 1.12.36

Released January 18th, 2018


  • Heart rate zones in training
  • HR belt connection reliability improved when starting exercise
  • Stability and mobile connectivity improvements 


Version 1.11.56

Released October 17th, 2017


  • Storm alarm (only Spartan Ultra and Spartan Sport WHR Baro), sunrise and sunset alarms
  • New downhill data fields for alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing
  • Sleep tracking: Sleep summary, 7 days sleep history, average HR (available only in Wrist HR models)
  • Turkish language now available in all models, Thai language available in region-specific model (both additions in the watch only), notifications available in Hebrew
  • Navigation enhancements