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Xiaomi Mifitness now compatible with Suunto

Sports — 2024年2月26日月曜日

Xiaomi MiFitness users can analyze their activity and training data in Suunto app.

Xiaomi has published a compatibility between its Mifitness app and Suunto app. Mifitness users can now connect to Suunto mobile application to follow their training, sleep and activity data with the Suunto app.

They can also connect via Suunto app with Suunto's partner ecosystem. The Mifitness app users can create this seamless connection by selecting Suunto from connected apps and authorizing the connection to their own Suunto app account. The Mifitness app will then push the workout data and daily activity data automatically to the user’s personal account. This data can be viewed and analyzed using Suunto app's versatile training tools. The partnership gives Mifitness users a new versatile tool to learn more about how they have been training, giving insights on their performance and therefore helping them to enjoy their journey toward better fitness.

Suunto's expertise in sports and performance will give Xiaomi Mifitness users a new unique value. Via Suunto app they will also be able to get access to one of the largest digital sports and training partner app ecosystems. Data from Suunto watches or Suunto partner apps & services is not transferred into Xiaomi Mifitness app. The connection between Xiaomi Mifitness and Suunto app is personal, created, and authorized by each user. Xiaomi Mifitness compatibility with Suunto app is available globally except for China.

"We are excited to be able to provide a Suunto sports and training expertise via our Suunto app for Xiaomi Mifitness users as well as help them to find new tools from our growing ecosystem,“ says Janne Kallio, Suunto's Head of Partner Products.

Suunto's partner ecosystem unites hundreds of industry-leading sports, training, and outdoor apps and devices, all committed to empowering individuals to lead more active lives. We invite new companies to join us in our mission at