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A sense of community

SuuntoRun — 2021年3月9日

To be honest, we are overwhelmed. The response to our brand ambassador application has been beyond our expectations, and we are not talking numbers (though the numbers are fantastic too).

We are talking about you, and your stories. 

We feel as though we have gotten to know our community better than we ever have before. We read about how you are managing through the past year with a world turned upside down and trying to maintain your health (and sanity). 

You told us about your achievements and your future dreams of adventure. We are inspired by what you have accomplished and the resolve in your path ahead whether to better health, faster races or new heights of exploration.

You took time to share with us your past experiences, and the joy found in peaceful treks through the wilderness and stressful, challenging summit pushes. Some of you shared very personal moments, experiences that have shaped your lives, both heart wrenching and hopeful.

We are honoured to have been there with you for some of those memorable moments, even at times providing critical information to get you home safely, or to help keep you motivated and pushing towards a personal goal, or a personal mission.

These stories are why we exist, and reading them reaffirms our mission and commitment to enabling them. Thank you for sharing them with us, we are grateful and inspired. 

– Your fellow adventurers at Suunto

A sense of community at Suunto Summit 2020.

Next Steps in the application process and program:

We wanted to share that we are reading them (all) and due to the sheer amount we are going to take the following steps to ensure we a). Can kick-off the program in good time and get a first group of selected ambassadors going, b). Ensure we communicate in the most timely manner possible. So this is how we will roll from here:

  • We have begun to communicate to our first selected brand ambassadors and as well as those applications we’ve read through that are not a match at this time.
  • If you have not been communicated with, your application is still being reviewed.
  • We are closing the application page for now effective March 11 to ensure we can handle all the applications with care.
  • We will inform all applicants until this point by April of their status.

A couple of notes to help you application in the future. 

  • Please create a ‘creator’ or ‘business’ account on Instagram (if you are on the platform), it helps us get to know you better, faster.
  • We will inform you about the next application round on, our newsletters and our social channels. Stay tuned!
  • Tell us about you and your adventures with your Suunto! Your stories are a key reason we have made the selections we have, so keep them coming!