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Suunto celebrates peak creators

SuuntoRun — 2021年10月12日

Meet four creators whose work is inspired by the great outdoors.

Since forever, the great outdoors and its misty forests, silhouetted mountain ranges, and craggy peaks have inspired creatives of all ilk, whether poet, painter, musician or photographer. The awe nature strikes in us gets the creative energy flowing. The resulting work has, in some cases, inspired the masses and shapes how we see and protect the natural world. 

At Suunto we believe this is worth celebrating. So we initiated our Peak Creator film series, in which we met four creators - a trail builder, a photographer, an architect and an artist - and found out how the natural world inspires what they do. We’ll publish a short film about each of them in the coming weeks.


Peak Creator Series – Dan, Angela, Ryley and JessaMeet photographer Angela Percival, architect Ryley Thiessen, artist Jessa Gilbert and trailbuilder Dan Raymond in the Peak Creator Series. 


The first film up, the trailbuilder sees his work more as uncovering what’s already there; next up, the photographer admits she’d rather be out shooting than indoors editing; then the architect explains how his mountain resorts bring people closer to nature; finally, we meet the artist who packs her painting kit and heads out for epic free rides. 

Stay tuned for each film as it drops. And get your own creative juices flowing!

Watch Peak Creator Series episode 1 – The Trailbuilder

Watch Peak Creator Series episode 2 – The Photographer

Watch Peak Creator Series episode 3 – The Architect

Watch Peak Creator Series episode 4 – The Artist