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SuuntoDive — 5 四月 2016

Photographer and full-time traveller Brad Holland takes over and hosts Suunto’s @suuntodive Instagram account for a week starting today. Follow and enjoy Brad's photography!

“I am happiest when I don’t know what day it is, what time zone I am in or how long I’ll be there. Home is where my gear is... which stays in world tour status from the West Pacific to Mexico, the Middle East and Africa with work bases in Yap, Micronesia and Central America,” says the photographer who originally comes from Los Angeles, California.

Brad shoots a Canon 7D MkII and Ikelite Underwater Systems combination and favors his wide-angle lenses. His photographic missions include telling people about Yap, a small island state in the Pacific that nobody knows about, supporting local marine research and conservation projects as well as a volunteering on a typhoon disaster relief operation in the remote outer islands of Yap State. “Everything else falls under good times and living in the moment,” Brad declares.

Brad can be found leading photo dives at the Manta Ray Bay Resort, shooting the local culture in Yap or on travel adventure somewhere in the world throughout the year.


@bradlifestyle will be taking over @suuntodive Instagram account for a week starting April 5th.

Follow and enjoy Brad's photography!