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Trubridge attempts to break World Record


Trubridge attempts to break World Record

2 十二月 2014

Today Suunto ambassador William Trubridge is going for the big record, the one he's been building up for – 102 m in Constant Weight No Fin (CNF), the purest freediving discipline.

It's where divers descend and ascend without any artificial means.

“Unassisted freediving is where you're freediving with no fins or any propulsive assistance of any kind and trying to go as deep as possible on that one lungful of air,” says Trubridge.

If successful, it will break his own record of 101 m.

The dive will last just over 4 minutes and will be split equally in time between descent and ascent.  

"I don't have a fear of being at depth or going to 100m, but I do have a fear of not making the dive perfect or being disqualified and essentially failing," adds Trubridge.

This week he has made a couple of warm-up dives, one of which did not go to plan. Despite taking place in the Bahamas weather has been cool and Trubridge began his first big dive shivering from the cold which affected his performance. But before heading into the water today he was feeling confident.

“I still feel that drive and thirst to go deeper. It hasn't been quenched yet,” he says.  

The dive will take place at 11 am EST. Stay tuned to Facebook to find out how it went. 

Today was looking to be another action packed day at Suunto Vertical Blue with 11 other National Record announcements and an average depth of 79m!