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Why do I need to calibrate speed and distance measurement in my Suunto 3?

Speed and distance measurements are core parameters for your exercise targets and fitness level estimation. When not using connected GPS with the Suunto app, your Suunto 3 utilizes an accelerometer, a motion sensor that detects movement from your wrist, to measure speed and distance. As wrist movement and the related stride length vary from person to person, the sensor needs to be calibrated to your own personal movement.

Note: In an uncalibrated state, your watch cannot measure speed and distance accurately without connected GPS.

Because your stride length is different between running and walking, you need to calibrate for both activities. You can do that in two ways:


  1. Automatically using connected GPS via Suunto app on your phone
  2. Manually by adjusting the measured distance after walking and running.


1. Connected GPS
With connected GPS, the calibration of the wrist-based speed and distance measurement is done automatically once you connected your watch with Suunto app and started an exercise. Learn more about it in the user guide of the product.


2. Manual calibration
With manual calibration, you need to run and walk known distances, and then adjust the distance in your watch after you have stopped the exercise recording.

To calibrate:

  1. Record a walking / running exercise. Learn how to record an exercise in this user guide article.
  2. Run/walk for at least 15 minutes with your normal running/walking pace and body movement. Keep the pace steady.
  3. End your exercise and scroll in the exercise summary to Distance.
    Calibrate distance in exercise summary.

  4. Press the middle button of your watch to enter the calibration view and change the recorded distance to your known distance.
    Edit distance and save.

  5. Press the middle button to save your change.

Note: In general, the way you move your wrist during a running or walking exercise may affect the accuracy of the speed and distance measurement.

Learn more in the user guide of your product:
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