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Dive In

Suunto is proud to present this four part series with pioneering diver and explorer Jill Heinerth taking an in depth looks at the basics of diving physics and physiology to help you better understand your dive computer and plan safer dives.  

Jän 16, 2020


Jill Heinerth joins diving hall of fame

Suunto is proud to announce its ambassador Jill Heinerth has been inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame, 2020. An honor she more than deserves thanks to her incredible contribution to diving and exploration.

Nov 27, 2019


Why I Dive

Diving is about exploring the unique wonders of the underwater world, about new challenges, a new view, a whole way of life. It’s a mindset.

Nov 19, 2019


Changing the World from Behind the Camera

Avid diver, adventurer, conservationist and underwater photographer Steve Woods has been fascinated with the underwater world, and sharks, from a very young age.  Joining the Suunto D5 photo shoot in Raja Ampat he took a moment to share his passion for changing human habits and minimising impacts on the marine environments.    

Aug 20, 2019