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Aconcagua welcomes new visitors

Sports — 10 Dezember 2014

As you read this, Kilian Jornet is attempting #6 on his Summits of My Life project, the mighty Aconcagua, 6,959 m, the highest mountain in the Americas. The goal is to set a new speed ascent record and follows his previous successes on Mt Blanc, the Matterhorn and Denali.

“Everything is ready for the next dream!” he recently blogged.

Aconcagua, Argentina ©Daniel Peppes Gauer - Flickr

The goal is to break two records: Brunod, Pelissier and Meraldi's 3h 40 m record from the Plaza de Mulas (basecamp) in 2000 and Egocheaga's 14h 54m record from Horcones set in 2007.

Kilian is typically modest when we speak to him: “The main goal is to make a fast time on Aconcagua,” he says.

With him will be the film-maker Seb Montaz and guide Vivian Bruchez and one other person close to Kilian, his girlfriend Emelie Forsberg. This means he will not be the only champion ultra runner on the mountain.

Illustration courtesy of Suumits of my Life

It will be nice to support Kilian,” says Emelie “and if I am having a good day I will also try for the female record. It's not a goal for me but if I'm feeling good, I will try. It's a beautiful mountain.”

Aconcagua is not as technically difficult as the Matterhorn and nor as wild and exposed as Denali but sitting just under 7,000 m it still poses a formidable challenge. Next up on Kilian's mountain schedule is the winter ski-mountaineering season and then Everest beckons in the spring. “It's too ambitious to say it will be a record attempt,” adds Kilian. “It will be an attempt!”

We all wish Kilian (and Emelie) the best of luck!

Main image shows Emelie and Kilian in Spain: ©Jordi Canameras