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23 must-read articles that guide you into Suunto’s world of training

SuuntoRun — 13 Oktober 2023

Train, recover, progress – and get ready for a race or an epic adventure. Here’s a collection of some essential reading that helps you get the most out of your training with Suunto.



Put in the hard work, understand your training load and the different stimuli you are putting on your body.

Figure out your training zones

Key components to improve your fitness are frequency, duration and intensity. Frequency and duration are easy to understand, but training intensity is a bit more tricky. How hard is hard? And why should I care? Read on to learn about intensity zones and about defining them. Read more

Manage your training with Suunto app’s Training zone

A progressive training load with adequate recovery and ways to follow progress will lead to a successful adventure or race. The new training toolset in Suunto app’s Training zone is vast. Read on and learn what’s available. We are sure you will find your new favorite dataset to analyze your training and follow your progress. Read more

Understand and manage your training load with Suunto

Suunto app’s long-term analysis view tracks your training load and helps you stay in balance – whether that means progress, maintaining your fitness or avoiding over-training. Here are four scenarios to help you understand the graphs. Read more

Training with TSS and hrTSS

What are TSS and hrTSS and how can these training metrics help? Read more

View TSS and other power-based cycling metrics in real-time

Normalized Power, Intensity Factor and Training Stress Score are key metrics for all cyclists who use power meters in their training. You can view these metrics in real-time on Suunto Vertical, Suunto Race, Suunto 9 and Suunto 5 watches. Read more

Know your power source: the body’s three energy systems

Understanding how your energy is produced can aid training and improve your quality of life. Suunto partner PerfectPace explains your main power sources. Read more

Unlock your interval training and watch your running improve

Follow Golden Trail World Series champion, Trail Running World Champion and running coach Stian Angermund’s advice and do interval training right to get results. Read more

3 interval sessions for trail runners

Trail running world champion Stian Angermund explains three interval training drills to help you increase your speed and power. Read more

Plan your interval workouts with Suunto app

Build a workout in Suunto app and let your watch guide you through your session! Read more

8 Essential running form drills

Improve your running technique with these essential running form drills – and follow them as a SuuntoPlus Guide on your watch! Read more

Intro to distance running technique

In this article we dig deep into the details of running technique with six key areas for you to focus on. Read on to learn more! Read more

Improve your running with high-intensity hill repeats

Hill repeats build your strength and improve your speed and coordination. This article presented by TrainingPeaks coach Steven Brandes highlights the importance of high-intensity hill repeats and how to do them successfully. Read more

Boost your hill training with SuuntoPlus Climb

Hill repeats are an essential part of an outdoor athlete’s workout repertoire. To make the hard work pay off, pacing is key. The new Climb SuuntoPlus™ feature does just that: it gives you real-time insights into your effort and motivates you to keep going. Read more

Using the Track to Learn How to Properly Pace Your Run

Using the track is a great way to improve your ability to pace yourself correctly. In this article presented by TrainingPeaks coach Todd Parker introduces a workout that helps you get in touch with the right pace for you. Read more

5 reasons why endurance athletes should do high-intensity strength training

Boost your vertical speed and avoid injury by lifting heavy weights.

To improve vertical speed and endurance, high-intensity resistance training should be an essential component of your training plan, says sports scientist, coach and athlete Susi Kraft. Read more

12 high-intensity strength training exercises for endurance athletes

Follow our training video and SuuntoPlus Guide to get stronger. In this article, sports scientist, coach and ski mountaineer Susi Kraft explains and demonstrates how to perform 12 strength-building exercises correctly and safely. Read more

Is the ultimate cross-training… breathing?

Sports coaches worldwide talk about 'good fundamentals’ – you’ve got to own the basics before you can even begin to achieve mastery in a discipline. But former pro freediver Mike Maric takes that deeper than most, by addressing one of the most basic functions of life: breathing. The medically educated forensic scientist from Italy has taken what he’s learned from free diving and applied it to a multitude of other sports – with stunning success. Read more

Control your core body temperature and get better performance results

Your core body temperature can massively impact your performance. That’s why athletes pour water over themselves during races. They’re trying to cool down because they know once their core body temperature reaches a certain level, they’ll lose power and their performance will deteriorate. Like heart rate and power, core body temperature is a crucial metric for elite and recreational athletes alike. Read more



How to use HRV to optimise your recovery

There’s no one without the other: put in the hard work and rest to rise to the next level.

Four ways to follow your recovery with Suunto

Am I able to recover from my workouts? Is my mental recovery at the same level as physical? Do I ensure recovery with a good amount of sleep? Read on to learn how Suunto can help you in your recovery! Read more

How to use HRV to optimize your recovery

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a helpful metric for endurance athletes. Read on to learn why there’s a buzz around it and how to use Suunto to track heart rate variability. Read more

Learn how sleep can make you a better runner

Sleeping well should come naturally, right? Yet many of us feel tired most of the week. A sleep doctor gives six tips to help you improve your running and overall quality of life. Read more

4 tips to recover well for your best performance

One often ignored component to keep your training steady is ensuring you are getting enough recovery time. It can seem like taking a break from running will disrupt your momentum, but oftentimes it does the exact opposite – it freshens you up and reinvigorates you. Read more



How to follow your progress with Suunto?

Is your fitness having an upward trend? Understanding your progress is both motivating and helps you understand if your training has a positive impact.

How to follow your progress with Suunto

The essence of training is to improve physical performance. But how do you know if you are progressing? In this article, you will learn how Suunto can help you. Read more

Test your fitness with Suunto

Here are five SuuntoPlus sports apps that will help you find the right intensity zones for your training and track your progress. Read more