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View your e-bike data on your Suunto watch

SuuntoRide — 2 Mai 2024

Are you riding an e-bike with your Suunto? Now you can connect your watch with SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS bicycles. Learn how to do it!

Cycling is one of the key sports within the Suunto community, with enthusiasts leveraging Suunto's advanced GPS watches to monitor and optimize their performance and explore new terrain.

Suunto’s compatibility with SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS equipped e-bikes is a new addition to meet the diverse needs of cyclists. So, whether you are hitting the trails or commuting on a bike path on your e-bike, read on!

You can connect your Suunto with Shimano E- bike Systems bicycles.

SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS SuuntoPlus sports app, a feature developed in collaboration with SHIMANO, shows you the assistant mode (Eco, Boost, Trail), power assistance level, e-bike battery status, speed and heart rate directly on your Suunto watch in real-time during your ride.

The sports app also stores that data for after-ride analysis: You can, for example, see the assistant percentage along with the other data you tracked with your Suunto watch in Suunto app.


How to use SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS SuuntoPlus sport app

  1. Sync the SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS SuuntoPlus sports app to your watch from Suunto app’s SuuntoPlus Store.

  2. Select the SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS SuuntoPlus sports app in the exercise settings before starting your workout.

  3. During activity, scroll with the middle button to view the SuuntoPlus screen.

  4. SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS SuuntoPlus sports app stores data for after analysis in Suunto app.

  5. Next time you start your ride with the same sport mode, your SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS SuuntoPlus sports app is selected as default and connects with your SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS bicycle.

SuuntoPlus sports app is compatible with the SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS equipped with SHIMANO Wireless Units. SHIMANO Wireless Units can be equipped with following SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS Drive Unit Models:

  • EP801, EP6
  • EP800 / E6100/E6180/E5000/E5080
  • E7000
  • E8000 / E8080 (Only E6000 cannot be equipped for SHIMANO Wireless Units)


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