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How do I change the time of my Suunto watch?

The start or end of Daylight-Saving-Time or a journey to a destination in a different time zone are just two examples when you need to change the time setting of your Suunto watch.

There are several ways to set the time on Suunto watches:


Way 1: Manual adjustment in your watch’s settings menu

To find step-by-step instructions on how to set the time:

  1. Follow this link to our User Guide overview page and find the user guide for your product in the list.
  2. Open the user guide and go to the chapter:
  • Suunto Ambit and Ambit2 Collection watches: Using time mode > Changing time settings
  • Suunto Ambit3 Collection watches: Features > Time
  • Suunto Core: Using time mode > Changing time settings
  • Suunto Elementum: Getting started > Changing general settings
  • Suunto Essential: Using time mode > Changing time settings
  • Suunto Kailash: Features > Time
  • Suunto Quest: Adjusting settings
  • Suunto Spartan Collection watches: Features > Time and date
  • Suunto 9: Features > Time and date
  • Suunto 5: Features > Time and date
  • Suunto 3 Fitness: Features > Time and date
  • Suunto Traverse and Traverse Alpha: Features > Time
  • Suunto Vector and Vector HR: Time mode > How to set the time
  • Suunto X-Lander: Features > How to set the time


Way 2: Connect your watch to your computer

To update the time of Suunto watches which use Moveslink, Moveslink2 or SuuntoLink and which can be charged via a computer, simply connect your watch with your charging cable to the computer and synchronize your device. The time setting of your watch will be updated automatically to the time setting of your computer.


Way 3: Get a GPS fix

Your watch will update the time according to your location. To get a GPS fix, either start an outdoor exercise like e.g. running, or open Navigation > Your location. Once your watch got a GPS fix, the time settings will be updated automatically.

Note: Suunto watches do not use GPS in time mode to optimize battery life.


Way 4: Connect to Suunto App (note: option applies to Suunto 3, 5 and 9)

Your watch, once it has the latest software version and is paired with Suunto App, will automatically update the timezone according to your phone. 

Make sure you have the Auto-time update option toggled on under your watch's Settings - General - Time/date.


How-to videos

In addition to the user guide, you can follow how-to videos and learn how to change the time on your Suunto watch (for selected models):


Suunto Core 



Suunto Traverse and Traverse Alpha 



Suunto Vector



Suunto Zoop & Suunto Vyper



Suunto Zoop Novo & Vyper Novo