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Suunto DX User Guide

Oxygen calculations

During a dive, Suunto DX calculates partial pressure of oxygen (PO2), central nervous system toxicity (CNS%) and pulmonary oxygen toxicity, tracked by OTU (oxygen toxicity units).

The oxygen calculations are based on currently accepted exposure time limit tables and principles.

When the dive computer is set in Mixed mode, the Dive Planning mode calculates using the O2% and P O2 values that are currently in the computer.

Oxygen related information displayed by the dive computer is also designed to ensure that all warnings and displays occur at the appropriate phases of a dive. For example, the following information will be shown before and during a dive when the computer is set in Mixed mode:

  • The selected O2% on the alternative display
  • OLF% alternative display for either CNS% or OTU% (whichever is larger)
  • Audible alarms are given and the OLF value starts to blink when the 80% and 100% limits are exceeded.
  • Audible alarms are given and the actual PO2 value blinks when it exceeds the preset limit.
  • In dive planning, the maximum depth according to the O2% and maximum PO2 selected

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