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What information can I see on the Suunto watch faces?

The Suunto watch faces are designed to give you relevant information with just one glance. In this article, you will find all the main watch faces and a key to all the information they provide. Make sure to check the following link for information on Suunto 7 watch faces. 

Getting started:

Not every Suunto watch will get all the watch faces. Some are designed for specific watch models. 
Every watch face will display interchangeable information. When your watch is awake, tap the screen to change between views.  
Every watch face has different color options you can choose from. Tap on the one you want to use. 

The watch faces:


Watch face 1.png

Note: If you tap the screen having this watch face on, the watch will display the toggleable information instead of the date - 30th Oct. You can display any information that will help you more than previously selected. The circles for the training days depend on the duration of your training; the longer the training, the bigger the circle. 




Note: The surrounding circles will visually indicate the information available at the left base. In this example, daylight hours are visible in yellow and as the sun goes down (around 21), the amount of light per hour will be visible in the darker hue yellows until dark (night). The second inner circle represents the current air pressure, with an estimation of 1010hPa. The central dial indicates the time: 19:36 and the altitude estimation.  




Note: You can tap the watch face and the information that will toggle will be the one where the battery percentage is (87%). Nevertheless, the watch will constantly display the battery life on the inner circle, whereas the training time relative to your weekly training goal will be displayed on the outer ring. The innermost ring is an analog time view. 




Note: This watch face has a similar concept as the second one from the top. The outer yellow circle will indicate the hours of light from sunrise to sunset, including a visual queue for time on that scale (white line at 10). If you tap the watch face, you will be toggling the information on the lower side of the view. Sunrise and sunset times, moon coverage, and hours of light are GPS-based. 


S3 watchface.png


Note: This watch face will provide you with a quick view of your daily goals for calories (orange), steps (blue) and your resources (green). The bars around the watch face will show the progress in completing the goal and the resources relative to 100% being a full bar. By tapping the center of the watch face, you will have the icons on the right: active calories, daily steps and resources. 

The following watch face is only available on Suunto Vertical - and it varies depending on whether you have a Titanium Solar version (top) or a Steel version without solar (bottom). The solar version will have a graph of solar harvesting graph on the bottom, the non-solar version will have an altitude trend graph

C-14 Watch face (ORCA solar).png New watch face complications.png
C-14 Watch face (ORCA non solar).png

: You can scroll through complications by tapping on them. On the left side, you can scroll through weather forecast, date, dual time, weekly training, battery level. On the right side, you can scroll through altitude, sunrise/sunset (whichever comes next), moon phase, steps, and - if you have a solar version - solar harvesting.

The rest of the watch faces
display less information. The functioning principles are similar for all of them: tapping on the display will rotate the secondary values shown (on top, bottom, right or left of the main field - altitude, daily steps, battery life, sunset, weekday, etc.). Here are the remaining watchfaces available: 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 12.22.58.png

The following two watch faces are only available for Suunto 9 Peak Pro and Suunto Vertical: 

   Suunto 9 Peak Pro watch faces.png