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Suunto adds SHIMANO Di2 and E-BIKE SYSTEMS compatibility to its GPS watches

Sports — 2 May 2024

Suunto proudly announces the integration of SHIMANO's Di2 electronic shifting and SHIMANO E-bike Systems compatibility into its renowned line of sports watches.

Suunto, the global leader in premium multisport GPS watches, proudly announces the integration of SHIMANO's Di2 electronic shifting and SHIMANO E-bike Systems compatibility into its renowned line of sports watches. This strategic move further solidifies Suunto's commitment to catering to the diverse needs of cyclists within its community, offering enhanced performance tracking and data insights for both endurance athletes and recreational riders.

Cycling is one of the key sports within the Suunto community, with enthusiasts leveraging Suunto's advanced GPS watches to monitor and optimize their performance and explore new terrain. With SHIMANO Di2 and E-bike Systems compatibility, cyclists can now seamlessly integrate their biking experience with Suunto's cutting-edge technology.


SHIMANO Di2 compatibility with Suunto

SHIMANO Di2 SuuntoPlus sports app

SHIMANO Di2, also known as Digital Integrated Intelligence, ensures crisp and accurate electronic shifting in any riding condition. Through the SHIMANO Di2 SuuntoPlus sports app, developed in partnership with SHIMANO, cyclists can monitor crucial data such as gear positions, Di2 battery status, and gear ratios directly on their Suunto watches.

This integration empowers riders to fine-tune their gear selection and analyze it after the ride in Suunto app.

Connect your Suunto with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting


SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS compatibility with Suunto

SHIMANO E-Bike SuuntoPlus sports app

SHIMANO E-bike Systems is a state-of-the-art pedal-assist system tailored for a wide range of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, cargo bikes, and more. SHIMANO E- bike System delivers precise power assistance, ensuring a natural and enjoyable riding experience.

Through the SHIMANO E-bike System SuuntoPlus sports app, developed in collaboration with SHIMANO, cyclists can view metrics such as assistant mode (Eco, Boost, Trail), power assistance level and e-bike battery status directly on their Suunto watches. The sports app stores the data for after ride analysis. The assistant percentage along with the other data can be seen in Suunto app.

View your e-bike data on your Suunto watch


Suunto’s open ecosystem

"At Suunto, our mission is clear: to equip athletes with the tools they need to excel in their chosen pursuits," says Janne Kallio, Head of Partner Products at Suunto. "Through strategic collaborations with esteemed partners like SHIMANO, we envision a future where innovative solutions motivate athletes to embrace an active lifestyle and derive unparalleled enjoyment from their everyday rides."

The collaboration between Suunto and SHIMANO not only give direct compatibility but also opens the door for new innovations. "We believe that by fostering an open ecosystem, we can unlock new realms of possibility for athletes worldwide," adds Kallio. "Suunto warmly welcomes prospective partners to join us in shaping the future of digital sports. Together, we can inspire athletes to push boundaries, surpass limitations, and redefine the essence of performance."

For further information on Suunto's partnership opportunities and to explore the limitless potential of digital sports, visit Suunto's Partner Page.