Additional options in sport modes
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Suunto Ambit2 R User Guide - 2.0

Additional options in sport modes

Additional options in sport modes

When a sport mode is selected, keep Next pressed to access additional options to be used during your exercise:

additional options

  • Select Navigation to access the following options:

    • Select Track back to retrace your route at any point of your exercise.
    • Select Find back to navigate back to the starting point of your exercise.
    • Select Location to check the coordinates of your current location, or save it as a POI.
    • Select POIs (Points of interest) to navigate to a POI.
    • Select Routes to navigate a route.
    • Select Logbook to navigate a route of one of your saved logs with GPS data.
  • Select Activate to set the following features on or off:

    • Select Interval off/on to activate/deactivate interval timer. The interval timer can be added to custom sport modes in Movescount. For more information, see Using interval timer.
    • Select Autopause off/on to activate/deactivate autopause.
    • Select Autoscroll off/on to activate/deactivate autoscroll.
    • Select HR limits off/on to set the HR limits on or off. The heart rate limit values can be specified in Movescount.
    • Select Compass off/on to activate/deactivate the compass. When the compass is activated during exercise, it is shown as an additional display after the sport mode.