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Suunto Tank POD User Guide

Pre-dive safety checks

Check that your Suunto Tank POD is functioning properly before each dive. If the optional wireless tank pressure transmitter is used, check that:

  1. Suunto Tank POD is visually free from any damage or defects.
  2. Flow restrictor is installed properly.
  3. All primary and backup gauges for time, pressure, and depth, both digital and mechanical, are showing correct, consistent readings.
  4. Device connections are working and gas selections are correct on your dive computer.
  5. Tank gas and O2 settings are correct.
  6. Device is properly installed and the tank valve is open.
  7. Suunto Tank POD device and the dive computer are paired.
  8. Suunto Tank POD is sending data (wireless transmission icon blinks, tank pressure is displayed).
  9. There is no Tank POD low battery warning.
  10. There is enough gas for your planned dive. Check the pressure reading against your back-up pressure gauge.

If you are not sure that your Suunto Tank POD is safe to use, contact Suunto Customer Support and return your device to an authorized Suunto Service Center for inspection.

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