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Suunto 3 Fitness User Guide

Pairing PODs and sensors

Pair your watch with Bluetooth Smart PODs and sensors to collect additional information when recording an exercise.

Suunto 3 Fitness supports the following types of PODs and sensors:

  • Heart rate
  • Bike
  • Foot

You cannot pair anything if airplane mode is on. Turn off airplane mode before pairing. See Airplane mode.

To pair a POD or sensor:

  1. Go to your watch settings and select Connectivity.
  2. Select Pair sensor to get the list of sensor types.
  3. Press the lower right button to scroll through the list and select the sensor type with the middle button.

    Sensor list Trainer

  4. Follow the instructions in the watch to complete pairing (refer to sensor or POD manual if needed), pressing the middle button to advance to the next step.

    Sensor paired Trainer

If the POD has required settings, you are prompted to enter a value during the pairing process.

Once the POD or sensor is paired, your watch searches for it as soon as you select a sport mode that uses that sensor type.

You can see the full list of paired devices in your watch from the settings under Connectivity » Paired devices.

From this list, you can remove (unpair) the device if needed. Select the device you want to remove, and tap Forget.

Calibrating foot POD

When you pair a foot POD, your watch automatically calibrates the POD using connect GPS with Suunto app on your mobile phone. We recommend using the automatic calibration, but you can disable it if needed from the POD settings under Connectivity » Paired devices.

For the first calibration with GPS, you should select a sport mode where the foot POD is used, e.g. running. Start the recording and run at a steady pace on a level surface, if possible, for at least 15 minutes.

Run at your normal average pace for the initial calibration, and then stop the exercise recording. The next time you use the foot POD, the calibration is ready.

Your watch automatically re-calibrates the foot POD as needed whenever GPS speed is available.

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