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Suunto D4f User guide

Handling guidelines

The Suunto D4f dive computer is a sophisticated precision instrument. Although it is designed to withstand the rigors of diving, you must treat it with the same proper care and caution as any other precision instrument.

Handle the unit with care – do not knock or drop it.

Do not fasten the strap of your dive computer too tightly. You should be able to insert your finger between the strap and your wrist.

After use, rinse it with fresh water, mild soap, and carefully clean the housing with a moist soft cloth or chamois.

Use only original Suunto accessories - damage caused by non-original accessories is not covered by warranty.

Keep the water contact and depth sensors areas on the sides of the watch clean using fresh water and a soft brush, such as a toothbrush.

Never try to open the case of the dive computer. Have your Suunto D4f serviced every two years by an authorized Suunto service center.

This service includes a general operational check, replacement of the battery, and water resistance check. The service requires special tools and training. Do not attempt to do any servicing yourself.

Should moisture appear inside the case or battery compartment, immediately have the instrument checked by your Suunto service center.

The optional scratch guard for Suunto D4f is designed to help prevent the display from getting scratched. Scratch guards can be purchased separately from your authorized Suunto dealer.

Should you detect scratches, cracks or other such flaws on the display that may impair its durability, immediately contact your authorized Suunto dealer.

Protect the unit from shock, extreme heat, direct sunlight, and chemicals.

Store your dive computer in a dry place when you are not using it.