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4 ways to navigate like a pro with a Suunto 7

SuuntoRun — 2020年9月15日

The Suunto 7 ’s navigation aids make finding your way a breeze.

We’ve all been there: you head out for a run, and it feels really good and turns into an exploratory run and before you know it you either have no idea where you are or you need to find a shortcut back because you’re running late. 

No need to fumble with your phone, the Suunto 7 has your back. Read on for its four ways to find your way. All these navigation aids can be utilized during any activity type with GPS.

Suunto 7 has terrain maps available for offline use

Suunto 7 has detailed terrain maps available for offline use.


Like the breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel, the Suunto 7 always draws the path you have travelled on a terrain map. This feature allows you to follow your tracks back to your starting point. And you don’t need to slavishly follow the exact same route back; if you like you can take a shortcut and merge back with the breadcrumb route later. 


Terrain maps 

To aid with this on-the-go navigation the Suunto 7 also shows you detailed terrain maps that are automatically downloaded to your watch for offline use. Suunto 7 downloads and updates local offline maps with heatmaps automatically when your watch is charging and connected to Wifi. 

The downloaded map area is based on your last known location and varies from 35 km × 35 km to 50 km × 50 km (from 22 mi × 22 mi to 31 mi × 31 mi), depending on where you are located. You can also create custom offline maps for your travels and adventures away from home.

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The more a route glows on a Heatmap, the more popular it is.

The more a route glows on a Heatmap, the more popular it is.


Another option is to use activity-specific Heatmaps on your Suunto 7. Heatmaps are simply maps showing the most popular routes of the Suunto community. That’s really useful when you are deciding on route options or exploring a new area.

Learn how to change map style during exercise.

Create routes for your Suunto 7 on Suunto app.

Create routes on Suunto app and select which ones you want to use on your Suunto 7.

Preplanned routes

Suunto 7 offers offline route navigation with detailed outdoor maps. The routes can be synced to your Suunto 7 via Bluetooth from Suunto app. You can create a route from scratch or use an existing route. Simply select which routes you want to have available on your watch on Suunto app and sync. When your Suunto 7 is charging and connected to Wifi, an offline outdoor map is downloaded for each route to your watch automatically. 

You can either start navigating with a preplanned route at the beginning of a workout or later during the activity. The selected route is visible in the map view of your Suunto 7. Zoom in and out with the top and bottom buttons, or tap to see an overview of the route and get notifications if you go off path.

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