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And the winners are...


And the winners are...


Our #SuuntoAdventure selfie contest has now come to an end and we're pleased to reveal the four winners below. They will each receive the new Ambit3 Sport.

Selfies are everywhere. Whether it's on the top of a mountain or out on the trail, everyone loves to grab a selfie to share with friends. So at Suunto, we thought it would be a great idea to invite our fans and the wider community to send us their best shots.

We were overwhelmed by the response, receiving thousands of inspiring entries via Instagram. The four winning shots were each selected by one of our Suunto ambassadors – Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Conrad Stoltz and Greg Hill.

Below, we present each ambassador's choice. Thanks to everyone who submitted images. It was a difficult choice.

In the coming weeks we'll have interviews with each of the winners to hear more about the story behind their shots.

Emelie Forsberg choice:

Winner: Patrick Müller Suarez, @patrickams
Says Emelie: “This picture captured my imagination right away with the light – is it morning or evening? – and made me think of a long day out exploring new mountains. The picture exudes exploration.”

Kilian Jornet choice:

Winner: Trent Busenbark, @trentbusenbark
Says Kilian: “The picture takes us right there and lets us feel what he feels. We can feel the cold, the storm, the tiredness. Adventure is also about bad conditions and hard times that make us happy when we come home.”

Conrad Stoltz choice:

Winner: Ross Lovell, @rosslovell
Says Conrad: “I can see how crazy steep the hill is by the gear your friend is standing on! You deserve to win for riding one handed and snapping a great photo after such a massive climb!”

Greg Hill choice:

Winner: Corky Still, @akskica
Says Greg: “The vast background, untouched and waiting feels like unconquered territory. And there is excitement and unlimited potential to this skier. So many ski lines waiting for them...”