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Introducing Alex Kydd


Introducing Alex Kydd


“I believe the secret to taking great photos is to take them as often as you can. The photography journey is endless and there are always ways to improve.”  Alex Kydd

Suunto Dive are super excited to announce Alex Kydd is joining the Suunto Ambassador family.  Photographer, marine biologist and diver originally from Melbourne, Australia, Alex now proclaims to being “based on” Ningaloo Reef Western Australia honoring the number of hours that he spends exploring underwater capturing his breath-taking images.

images10yt.pngA rare shot of Alex Kydd in front of the camera taken photographer Alfred Minnaarr. ©


Alex trains like an athlete in his discipline.  Practising every day, editing all the time and descending beneath the surface has led him to achieve artistry in his images.  Alex's photos stand out above the rest with his dedication and passion aiding his continued development as a photographer enabling him to produce his unique shots.

“The ocean is my happy place.  Every time you enter the water you never know what you might see and it's such a misunderstood ecosystem. Everything is connected and the more time you spend in it, the more you appreciate.”

AlexKydd_Headshot_ALfred_Article_Image 4.jpgAlex Kydd by photographer Alfred Minnaarr ©


Beginning his diving journey with snorkelling at 16 in the cool waters off Melbourne where he grew up, he later began scuba diving on a trip to Thailand in 2009 where he firmly solidified his love and respect for the ocean.  Exploring his passion further Alex studied Marine Biology at university and four years ago he started his journey into the world of underwater photography and has had not had a chance to look back.

“At age 16 I first started taking photos. I had a very basic 2m waterproof camera for snorkelling in Melbourne.   I progressed slowly to more upgraded cameras over the next few years.  Eventually I had enough savings and I got myself a DSLR and housing.  I was going out taking 500-1000 photos per day and editing them every night. This I believe, fast tracked me to learn. The best advice I can give for underwater photography is to find a mentor or like-minded people to learn from.”

Alex’s next stops on his extensive adventuring are Raja Ampat, West Papua, French Polynesia and Fiji where he will be exploring with his new dive computers including the Suunto EON Core, Suunto D5 and Suunto Tank POD.  Alex’s favourite device at the moment is the Suunto D5.  He also represents Fourth Element and Ocean Positive as a team diver.

Alex Kydd: