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Run with power

SuuntoRun — 2022年10月11日

In addition to heart rate and running pace, running power is another metric that helps you manage your workout intensity during exercise with Suunto 9 Peak Pro.

Working out at the right intensity is the key to systematic and effective training. To get the benefits, you first need to set up your intensity zones. With Suunto watches you can set up running specific intensity zones based on all three; heart rate, pace and running power. Adjust your intensity zones at Settings > Training > Intensity zones > Advanced zones.

Running power is very useful during ups and downs as it takes into account elevation gain and this way helps you maintain a steady effort in changing terrain. It is also valuable for interval sessions as it reacts quicker than heart rate to changes in intensity.

Suunto 9 Peak Pro measures running power from the wrist combining GPS and barometric data. Ensure your weight is correct in the watch settings for the algorithm to work properly. Your weight is set at Settings > General > Personal > Weight.

Use a sport mode with power – or create your own 

To see your power during your run, select a sport mode that shows running power on your screen. You can use for example sport modes like Trail running power or Running power. 

In addition to heart rate and running pace, running power is another metric that helps you manage your workload during exercise with Suunto 9 Peak Pro.

This is how power – 265W in this case – is shown in the default Trail running power sport mode. You can also use the Running power sport mode – or customize your own with Suunto app.


Running power is one of the data fields you can add in your custom sport modes. You can select data like current power (Power 3 sec, Power 10 sec, Power 30 sec), average power and max power. You can also select to see Lap average power, Lap max power and Interval average power on your custom screens. 

After the run you can analyze your power in Suunto app.