SuuntoPlus™ gives you more 

SuuntoPlus™ comes with Suunto VerticalSuunto 9Suunto 5 and Suunto 3 watches. Find new sports apps for your runs and rides, connect with range of new devices and get real-time insights with guides. Find all these from SuuntoPlus™ Store in Suunto App.​

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SuuntoPlus™ needs you!

Do you want to create a sports app? Do you have a new device cooking that could be connected with Suunto? For companies, apply to partner program.

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SuuntoPlus™ is available for selected Suunto watches. SuuntoPlus™ features and SuuntoPlus™ Guides can be added, updated and even removed. You can check if your Suunto watch is SuuntoPlus™ compatible from Suunto watch specifications.