New features for Suunto 9


Follow context-based weather insights and warnings during your outdoor activity. Keep alert with storm alarms, measure water temperature or notice if your hike is going past the sunset. Feature available under SuuntoPlus™. 

*Available only for Suunto 9 Baro


Keep track of your effort while hiking up a mountain, rock climbing, doing hill repeats in your backyard or running up stairs. Feature available under SuuntoPlus™. Climbs can be viewed afterwards in the Suunto app.​


Automatic location-based lap insights help you analyze the stats for each loop. Excellent feature when running on a track or cross-country skiing the same loop. Feature available under SuuntoPlus™. Loops can be viewed afterwards in the Suunto app.


Quick access to your GPS coordinates and other key information of your current location as well as your starting point. Useful when sharing your location with a friend, when you need to radio for help or navigating back to your car. Feature available under SuuntoPlus™. 

Bearing navigation

Navigate on the go. Choose your target direction, get the bearing and off you go! You can also define your target distance and altitude. Great orienteering tool for mountains and forests.


Running pace / Cycling power  
Track sprints automatically while running or cycling to see the number, distance, and time of each interval during your training session. Sprints are identified based on the changes of your running pace or cycling power. Feature available under SuuntoPlus™. Sprints can be viewed afterwards in the Suunto app.

New outdoor watch face

See key insights of your surroundings while getting ready for your adventures. The design is inspired by Suunto’s heritage with marine compasses.

Wings for Life World Run

Getting ready for the race? The Wings for Life World Run feature simulates the Catcher Car to motivate your daily workouts and help you train for the race. Feature available under SuuntoPlus™.

Popular starting points

When heading to a new place or route, it’s often hard to figure out where to start. Check out popular starting points in the Suunto app to easily know where to start your adventure from.

Popular routes

Getting bored of running the same trails but not sure where to go? We made finding new routes easy for you by adding popular routes to the Suunto app. These routes are generated from the exercises of the Suunto community. 

My tracks

See your own personal heatmap with a daily, monthly, and current year view. You can also compare your tracks with the most popular routes for your sport.

New Suunto app homescreen

Improved Suunto app home page will give you direct access to your calendar, activity totals and map.

New outdoor partners

Find your next trip from Sportihome, check the best routes with Wikiloc or view your tracks with Land. Suunto partners give you tools for your next trail run or mountain trip. Learn more from

Adventure starts here.

Suunto equips you for your outdoor adventures – discover new trails, stay confident in the wilderness and train for longer explorations.

Update the software of Suunto 9 to version 2.13.18 to receive these new features and functionalities. 

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How do I use maps and routes with the Suunto app?

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