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Brand Ambassador Program

We’ve created the new brand ambassador program as a way to build a deeper connection with our community and foster new relationships based on a shared passion for sports and the outdoors.

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We have a passionate community around the world, full of inspiring people, stories, relationships and experiences. We want to build a closer, more sustainable relationship with our community members, to share your stories and to help inspire your adventures in the wild, natural places of the world, starting with your own backyards.

We are thrilled to announce our new Brand Ambassador program to help enable this deeper connection. So what is the program all about?

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Firstly, we are interested in a committed relationship…

Are you looking for a long-term relationship too? Sweet, so far so good!

Do you love getting out into the wild, natural places in the world? Love it, us too.

Do you have a little sisu? Sisu is Finnish, but you don’t have to be Finnish to have sisu — it’s the kind of courage and determination where deciding to do something is the same as doing it.

You don’t have to be an ultra-marathoner, a mountaineer or an endurance athlete at all. You don’t have to climb the highest mountain in the furthest place possible. We believe adventures, and adventurers come in infinite forms.

We should just be on the same page in our respective love for adventures, and for sharing stories and connecting with others.

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What ambassadors can expect from us:

  • Your new Suunto watch (the most relevant model to enable your adventures)
  • Unique, brand ambassador kit (swag/gear)
  • Personalized on-boarding and on-going brand and product training
  • Content sharing on local/global brand channels, visibility on our global website
  • Invitation to brand events (satellite Suunto Summit, other unique online / virtual events in 2021)
  • Potential support/collaboration with individual projects
  • Campaign incentives
  • Opportunity to contribute to testing and feedback for product development if desired
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What we expect from our ambassadors:

  • Authentic social posts that naturally showcase Suunto as a part of your adventures
  • Regular activation based on brand and product campaigns or launches
  • Sharing specifically from the Suunto app, connecting with the community within our digital service
  • Be an honest and inclusive member of the Suunto community, sharing insights and being available for questions related to the brand, our products, or to your adventures
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So how does all of this sound to you? If you have read this far, things are looking pretty good!! If you are feeling like being a brand ambassador for Suunto might just be your kind of thing, then click on the button below, tell us a little about yourself.

We will keep everyone informed about the process (everyone, we mean it). We can’t wait to hear from you!

Apply now

Please note that the application process is always open and we will review new applications every quarter, beginning in early February, then May, August and November - so you can apply any time.

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Photos by Philipp Reiter and Musko Visuals, Suunto Summit 2020.