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How do I use maps when training with Suunto 7?

Suunto Wear app has free outdoor maps and 15 sport-specific heatmaps to explore – even when you are offline. Optimized for the outdoors, Suunto maps highlight altitude differences with accurate contour lines and show popular cycling and skiing tracks in addition to basic trails. Heatmaps visualize where others have trained so that you can follow the most popular routes. 



You have easy access to an outdoor map and heatmaps when you’re exercising outdoors. You can see your track on the map, use heatmaps to explore new routes or follow your track to find your way back to where you started. To use Suunto maps, you need to be connected to the Internet or have offline maps downloaded on your watch.


Start an exercise with maps

1. Press the top right button to open Suunto Wear app.

2. Choose a sport mode for an outdoor activity with GPS like running, cycling or mountaineering.

3. To change a map style, swipe up the menu and go to Map options » Map style.

4. Browse the list to find a map style or a heatmap you would like to use. You can scroll with buttons or touch.

5. Press the middle button or tap to select a new map style.

6. Swipe right to exit the menu and scroll up back to the start.

7. Press the middle button or swipe left on the start button to start your exercise.





Additionally, with Suunto Wear app you can have Suunto maps downloaded on your watch, leave your phone behind and use maps without an Internet connection. Suunto Wear app downloads and updates local offline maps with heatmaps for you automatically when your watch is charging and connected to Wifi. You can also create custom offline maps for your travels and adventures away from home. All heatmap styles are included in offline map downloads.