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Living peak adventure: share your routes

SuuntoRun — 1 二月 2022

Get kudos from your adventure buddies by sharing awesome routes.

This is the fourth post in the Living Peak Adventure series, which explains how to find, create and navigate awesome routes. The series covers:

  1. How to find hot routes with Suunto app heatmaps
  2. How to find popular starting points
  3. How to create your own routes
  4. How to share your routes with friends 
  5. How to navigate a route outdoors

How to share your routes with friends

Imagine spring has finally arrived and you and a group of hiking buddies have found a weekend for a two night hiking trip. You have a general idea of where you’d like to go, but they leave it up to you to decide on the route.

After scanning the area with Suunto app heatmaps, or with one of our partner services like Komoot, FATMAP or Outdooractive, you develop an idea for a nice route. You create your route and now you want to share it with your friends to make sure they’re onboard and to get them excited.

In Suunto app maps, select the “library” button with a bookmark icon. Your library is where you can find all of the routes you have saved. Scroll down to the route and tap the “share” button on the bottom right corner of the map showing the route.

Now you can copy the link and share it via email and so on, or directly share it via your preferred messaging app. All your friends need to do is open the shared file in their Suunto app.


In Suunto app you and your friends can save each others activities as routes for future navigation.

Get inspiration from your friends

If your friends have a public profile, you can open any of their exciting tracks, tap on the "More" icon (three dots), and save that trail to your gallery of routes. Don't forget to show some support and give a shout-out to your friend. And, naturally, your friends can also save the tracks of your activities as routes and use them for navigation.

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