Suunto EON Core - Care and support - Charging battery
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Suunto EON Core User Guide

Charging battery

Charge Suunto EON Core with the supplied USB cable. If the battery is very low, the display remains dark while charging until the battery has reached an adequate charge level. A red LED blinks next to the display when the device is charging.


DO NOT use the USB cable when Suunto EON Core is wet. This may cause an electrical failure. Ensure the cable connector and connector pin area on the device are both dry. If you are using a protective boot, remove the boot from the connector pin area to clear any residual water droplets.


When connected, you may experience a tingling sensation when touching a metallic computer housing and Suunto EON Core. This is caused by a minor electrical current created when the wall plug to the computer is not grounded.


DO NOT allow the connector pins of the USB cable to touch any conductive surface. This may short circuit the cable, making it unusable.

Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. The battery should be replaced only by authorized Suunto Service Centers.