Suunto EON Steel - Features - Ascent rate
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Suunto EON Steel User Guide - 1.6

Ascent rate

Ascent rate

During a dive, the bar on the left indicates ascent rate. One bar step corresponds to 2 m (6.6 ft) per minute.

The bar is also color coded:

  • Green indicates ascent rate is ok, less than 8 m (26.2 ft) per minute
  • Yellow indicates ascent rate is moderately high, 8-10 m (26-33 ft) per minute
  • Red indicates ascent rate is too high, over 10 m (33 ft) per minute


When maximum allowed ascent rate is exceeded for five seconds, an alarm is generated. Ascent rate violations result in longer safety stop times.


DO NOT EXCEED THE MAXIMUM ASCENT RATE! Rapid ascents increase the risk of injury. You should always make the mandatory and recommended safety stops after you have exceeded the maximum recommended ascent rate. If this mandatory safety stop is not completed the decompression model will penalize your next dive(s).