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Suunto Kailash User Guide - 2.0


When the battery level reaches 10%, you get a pop-up notifying you of the low level.

When the battery level drops very low, you get a recharge notification.

At this point, the battery icon at the bottom of the timeline view starts blinking. Navigation and connectivity features are automatically turned off until the watch is recharged.

Recharge the watch by attaching the supplied cable to the watch and plugging the USB end into a computer or wall charger.

connect USBcable Kailash

The duration on a single charge depends on how Suunto Kailash is used and in what conditions. Low temperatures, for example, reduce the duration of a single charge. In general, the capacity of rechargeable batteries decreases over time.


In case of abnormal capacity decrease due to defective battery, Suunto warranty covers the battery replacement for one year or for at maximum 300 charging times, whichever comes first.