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Suunto Spartan Ultra User Guide - 2.6

  • Training insight

Training insight

Your watch provides an overview of your training activity.

Swipe up or press the lower button to scroll to the training insight view

Training Insight Spartans

Swipe left or press the middle button twice to see a graph with all your activities for the last 3 weeks and the average duration. Tap the screen to toggle between the different activities you have done for the last 3 weeks.

Training Insight 3week

Swipe up or press the lower right button to see a summary of your current week. The summary includes duration and calories. Swiping up when a specific activity is chosen will show details of that activity.

Training Insight All Activities

Training plans

In Suunto Movescount, you can make training programs for yourself by creating a totally new program or using an existing program made by other members.

When you have planned Moves, your watch will show what's coming next after you have synced with Movescount.

To see your next planned training sessions:

  1. Swipe up or press the lower button to scroll to the training insight view.

    Training Insight Spartans

  2. Swipe left to view your planned training sessions for the current week.

    TrainingPlans WeeklyPlan Spartan

  3. Swipe up to see details for your planned training sessions.

If you have a planned Move scheduled for the current day, that Move appears as the first option in the sport mode list when you enter the launcher to start an exercise recording. Start the planned Move as you would a normal sport mode recording.

Weekly goal

if you would like an exercise goal, you can define a target number of hours as your weekly goal, from the settings under Training.

  1. Tap Weekly goal or press the middle button.

    WeeklyGoal Settings Spartan

  2. Select your new target number by swiping up or down or by pressing the upper or lower buttons.

    WeeklyGoal Picker Spartan

  3. Tap your selection or press the middle button.

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