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Suunto Ambit3 Vertical User Guide - 1.2


Suunto Ambit3 Vertical has a digital compass that allows you to orient yourself in relation to magnetic north. The tilt-compensated compass gives you accurate readings even if the compass is not horizontally level.

You can show/hide the compass display from the start menu under DISPLAYS » Compass. Toggle with Next.

The compass display includes the following information:

  • middle row: compass heading in degrees
  • bottom row: change view to current heading in cardinals, to time or empty with View

compass Ambit3

The compass switches to power saving mode after one minute. Reactivate it with Start Stop.

Calibrating compass

If you have not used the compass before, you must first calibrate it. Turn and tilt the watch in multiple directions until the watch beeps, indicating calibration is complete.

calibrating compass

If you have already calibrated the compass and want to re-calibrate it, you can access the calibration option in the options menu.

If the calibration is successful, the text Calibration successful is displayed. If the calibration does not succeed, the text Calibration failed is displayed. To retry the calibration, press Start Stop.

To manually start compass calibration:

  1. Keep Next pressed to enter the options menu.
  2. Select GENERAL with Next.
  3. Scroll to Compass with Light Lock and select with Next.
  4. Press Next to select Calibration.

Setting declination

To ensure correct compass readings, set an accurate declination value.

Paper maps point to true north. Compasses, however, point to magnetic north – a region above the Earth where the Earth’s magnetic fields pull. Because magnetic North and true North are not at the same location, you must set the declination on your compass. The angle in between magnetic and true north is your declination.

The declination value appears on most maps. The location of magnetic north changes yearly, so the most accurate and up-to-date declination value can be obtained from the internet (for example

Orienteering maps, however, are drawn in relation to magnetic north. This means that when you are using orienteering maps you need to turn the declination correction off by setting the declination value to 0 degrees.

To set the declination value:

  1. Keep Next pressed to enter the options menu.
  2. Press Next to enter general.
  3. Scroll to Compass using Light Lock and select with Next.
  4. Scroll to Declination with Light Lock and select with Next.
  5. Turn the declination off by selecting , or select W (west) or E (east).
  6. Set the declination value with Start Stop or Light Lock.
  7. Press Next to accept the setting.

setting declination Ambit3


You can also access the compass settings by keeping View pressed in Compass mode.

Setting bearing lock

You can mark the direction to your target in relation to North with the bearing lock feature.

To lock a bearing:

  1. With the compass active, hold the watch in front of you and turn yourself towards your target.
  2. Press Back Lap to lock the current degree displayed on the watch as your bearing.
  3. An empty triangle indicates the locked bearing in relation to the North indicator (solid triangle).
  4. Press Back Lap to clear the bearing lock.

setting bearing lock Ambit3


While using the compass in an exercise mode, the Back Lap button only locks and clears the bearing. Exit the compass view to make a lap with Back Lap.

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