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SuuntoPlus™ enhances your experience with Suunto watch! Find new sports apps, guides and connected devices from SuuntoPlus™imagedwnl7.png Store to your watch.​

SuuntoPlus™ gives you more 

SuuntoPlus™ comes with Suunto VerticalSuunto 9Suunto 5 and Suunto 3 watches. Find new sports apps for your runs and rides, connect with range of new devices and get real-time insights with guides. Find all these from SuuntoPlus™ Store in Suunto App.​

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Race against your personal bests and fastest runners and riders in your favorite Strava segments. Segments start automatically at the start line. Race to the finish with your PB as the target and win the KOM or new PB! (Max 30 segments, only for premium members).​

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SuuntoPlus™ Store

SuuntoPlus™ Store in Suunto app has all the new sports apps and guides for your watch available for you for free. You can find new devices that can connect to your Suunto, get new tools to manage your training or features that give you more out of your desired sports. Automatic sprints, training load, loop counters, fat burn rate and more being published! ​
Make sure you have the latest update for your watch and Suunto app. ​

Let SuuntoPlus™ Guides help you!

Get personalized real-time guidance on your Suunto from your favorite sports services! Whether you want to follow a training plan, structured intervals or perhaps a race nutrition plan SuuntoPlus™ Guides are here to help. Scroll down and find what your favorite sports and outdoor apps have to offer or what new, exciting start-ups have created for you!


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SuuntoPlus™ Guides for planning and real-time guidance


Follow complex workouts and intervals planned with TrainingPeaks’ workout builder. Once scheduled, your Suunto watch will prompt you with the right workout on the right day so that you can follow the guidance during your training session.

Learn more about TrainingPeaks analyzes your rides, runs, swims and other activities. It provides basic and advanced analytics and planning in an easy to use interface. Follow your friends and help them progress, track your FTP without doing tests, coach other athletes, build a workout library and plan your training! Plans are automatically synced to your Suunto watch with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.  

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SuuntoPlus™ Guides for coaching


Follow your workouts planned by your coach or design your own intervals. Suunto watch purchase comes with free Suunto training programs that can be synced to your watch with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.

Learn more about TrainingPeaks


Planning, training monitoring and performance analysis for cycling, running and triathlon. Nolio simplifies the daily life of coaches and athletes. The automatic synch of your training plans to Suunto watches now with SuuntoPlus™ Guides. 

Learn more in about Nolio

Ultra trail Coaching  

How you feel and how you progress will impact your training with Ultra Trail Coaching. Your Ultra Trail Coaching workouts are automatically synced to your Suunto watch and they will allow you to perform each individual workout just as needed. Endurance runs for example need to be compliant to a minimum trail score.

Learn more about Ultra Trail Coaching 

Train and interact with more athletes, more efficiently, in less time with an easy-to-use online platform, made for endurance coaches. Get your athletes to follow the plan with their Suunto watches with automatic sync with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.  

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SuuntoPlus™ Guides with artificial intelligence


Humango is a unique platform designed to improve athletic motivation and performance. Using the latest in artificial intelligence, Humango analyzes your data holistically in order to optimize your long-term potential. AI engine translates each new data point from across your performance, scheduling, preferences, and feedback into actionable insights and real-time adjustments to your prescribed workouts that are synced to your Suunto watch with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.

Learn more about Humango 

RunMotion Coach  

All you have to do is run! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner, RunMotion Coach’s mission is to help you grow through running, with an adapted training and a motivating coach. RunMotion Coach gives you the adaptive training plan that automatically synchs to your Suunto watch with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.  

Learn more about RunMotion Coach

AI Endurance 

A scientific, data-driven training plan that actually improves your performance – AI Endurance has the data to back it up. Artificial intelligence is your edge. Plans and ramp tests to define your threshold levels via heart rate variability can now be synced to your watch with SuuntoPlus™ guides.  

Learn more about AI Endurance


Build your custom, dynamic cycling plan today with Reddiyo. Get structured workouts tailored to your goals with automated data analysis and training adjustments. Get the plan synced to your Suunto watch with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.

Learn more about Reddiyo 

SuuntoPlus™ Guides for racing and more

Golden Trail World Series Race Guide 

Get real-time guidance during the Golden Trail World Series races! Whether running Zegama, Mont-Blanc Marathon, Sierre Zinal or any other of the legendary races, these Race Guides will keep you informed about the climbs, feedzones and more. 

Learn more about Golden Trail World Series Race Guides

I-Run Club 

Join the French i-Run Club to learn the most beautiful routes. Find all the races and most inspiring trails. Browse the favorite routes of passionate runners and select those that match your style. Train with the community and get your training synced directly on your Suunto watch with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.  

Learn more about I-Run Club


Exercise on your own but not alone. GoJoe is here to motivate you. It is a fitness app powered by the team, influencers and NFTs. Now you can get extra motivation to run and ride by following your social leaderboard status that is synched to your Suunto watch with SuuntoPlus™ Guides. 

Learn more about GoJoe

Suunto workouts 

Suunto workouts are a set of guides that help with running form drills, to get stronger and more. Before starting an activity go down to the options on your watch and select one of Suunto’s own demo guides in SuuntoPlus™ Guides section. 

Learn more about Running form drills or a Strength training workout for endurance athletes

Asia Trail Master

Asia Trail Master race guides, you can follow the insights of each trail run race with your Suunto. Gives you stats for each climb and other key sections of the race.

Learn more about Asia Trail Master

Where to find and what to do?

SuuntoPlus™ guides are available in the Suunto app and on your watch. You can select to train with guides that will take you through your races with nutrition and training plans, planned workouts and real-time guidance. Get started by creating your guide on our partners’ platform or app. You will automatically be suggested a guide for your planned activity before you start your exercise.


Make sure you have the latest update for your watch and the app. 


Learn how to get started with SuuntoPlus™ guides

SuuntoPlus™ needs you!

Do you want to create a sports app? Do you have a new device cooking that could be connected with Suunto? For companies, apply to partner program.

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SuuntoPlus™ compatible products

Suunto Vertical

All Black

Adventure watch for outdoor expeditions and training.

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Suunto 9 Peak Pro

Titanium Slate

Pro version of the small and sleek multisport watch for smaller wrists.

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Suunto 9 Peak

Granite Blue Titanium

Small and sleek multisport watch for smaller wrists.

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Suunto 9 Baro


Rough and tough outdoor sports watch.

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Suunto 9


Ultra-endurance GPS watch with exceptional battery life

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Suunto 5 Peak

Cave Green

Small and light running watch for beginners.

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Suunto 5

Burgundy Copper

Compact GPS sports watch with great battery life

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Suunto 3

Moss Grey

Lightweight but durable sports watch with adaptive training guidance

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SuuntoPlus™ is available for selected Suunto watches. SuuntoPlus™ features and SuuntoPlus™ Guides can be added, updated and even removed. You can check if your Suunto watch is SuuntoPlus™ compatible from Suunto watch specifications.